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Sunday, 25 February 2024


Kia Ora  

Welcome to Room 2




Students :


Sarah Saunders, Monique Syder, Paicey McEnteer, Samuel Lawrence,


Trampas Pollard and Kurt Dix



Staff :

Teacher : Kalpna Pillay

Learning Support Assistants:  Tanya Rademan & Alannah Caldon


Term 1

Food Technology




Education outside of the classroom

Some of our learning outside the classroom this term include: horse-riding, grocery shopping, visiting the town library, visiting the local parks, walking around our community and doing general school duties such as flag duties.


Visual Arts

We used a variety of techniques to create this piece of 'self portraits'.





Term 2

Term 2 for us started with  'learning from home.' We have been using a variety of means to make this learning fun and enjoyable. Some of the things we have done so far are video calling/phone calls, tasks on studdy ladder and see saw, art, music, expanding on our life skills such as cooking, gardening, house chores - laundry, dishes, vacuuming and many more.
A very big thank you to our amazing parents, grandparents, and whaanu in supporting this learning!


 Our Alphabet Scavenger Hunt


Trampas's Scavenger Hunt                    Sarah's Scavenger Hunt   


Life Skills 




"Lest We Forget"


Sarah & Kurt's art and display to remember our hereo's. 

Literacy, Numeracy and online tasks 









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