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School transport is provided by bus companies selected by Ministry of Education Transport. Students travelling on the buses and vans attend a range of schools in Hamilton. We can and do assist families to access this transport by facilitating the filling in of the application for the service and sending it to MOE. If problems arise we can assist in communicating with the bus services.

If you are shifting to a new address you will need to complete a new application. Applications can take up to three weeks to action. The Ministry of Education has recently implemented a change regarding the transport approval process. There is a high probability that an application may be declined if the distance to Patricia Avenue school is greater than that to the nearest school able to meet your child’s needs from the home address. It is advisable and important that you contact the Deputy Principal or Associate Principals to discuss the change of address as this can impact on your child’s enrolment at Patricia Avenue School.

If your child for any reason is not travelling on the bus on a particular day it is important that you contact the bus company and the school. Contact details for bus companies are as follows:

GO BUS: Telephone 07 846 1975 ext. 883
Cross Country Rental Telephone 0800 467 3782 or 027 556 0994