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Contexts for Learning

The NZ Curriculum specifies eight learning areas:  English, the arts, health and physical education, learning languages, mathematics, science, social sciences, and technology. 

Our students should have opportunities to explore learning in all areas.
Patricia Avenue Staff 2018

Like the key competencies, this learning is both an end and means: valuable in itself and valuable for the pathways it opens to other learning.
NZ Curriculum 2007

While learning areas are presented as distinct this should not limit the ways in which teachers structure the learning experiences offered to students.  All learning should make use of the natural connections that exist between learning areas, integrated and cross-curricular planning is encouraged.

Changing needs across the school
Our learners have changing needs as they progress through the school.  Junior, Middle and Senior areas of the school have varied emphasis that reflect these changing needs.

Junior:  For students beginning their education at Patricia Avenue School, establishing an environment where students feel safe and secure, promoting learning and independence is paramount in their initial years.  Curriculum subjects are introduced while Individual Education Plans support students on their own individual pathway.

Middle:  Learners have opportunity to engage in comprehensive literacy and numeracy programmes at levels suited to the individual.  Learners continue to engage in a range of contexts, extending their strengths, interests and experiences.  An emphasis on Daily Physical Exercise and P.E and developing healthy relationships supports student to begin to build lifelong healthy habits and skills. 

Senior:  While continuing core curriculum areas, the emphasis in the senior school turns towards empowering students to become lifelong learners in the lead up to transitioning out of school.  Where possible, staff support students to build social and emotional capacity, resilience, self-management and advocacy skills.

Other contexts for learning include:

  • Community based Learning
  • EOTC
  • Work Experience
  • Volunteering
  • Generalising skills across a range of settings.
  • Skills for living
  • Play and leisure
  • Production/performance events.
  • EnviroSchools

Curriculum Coverage

Providing a breadth of learning opportunity is important for our learners at all levels of the school.  Literacy and Mathematics are ongoing learning in all classes.  In addition to this students have opportunities to experience learning from the NZ curriculum.  Curriculum plans outline Strands from Learning Areas within the NZ curriculum, these plans are broad and flexible, but provide an outline to enable students to experience a range of learning opportunities and topics during their time at school.