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Physiotherapists provide individualise programmes, following a detailed assessment, which are then integrated into the students’ daily activities. These programmes are designed to help maximise mobility, function and participation at school and the community. They promote health and physical independence.

At Patricia Avenue School this includes:


All students who start school with a high physical need have a detailed assessment which with the goals set in Independent Education Plans help to make a plan for individual physical programmes for students.  

Specialised assessors for equipment provision

Physiotherapists are registered assessors with Enable. This allows us to trial and provide students with a variety of equipment such as, walking frames, standing frames and hoisting equipment. These help to maintain and improve students function and independence.


Many students make use of the community pools or the school spa for either a class learn to swim programme or a specialised hydrotherapy programme to improve and maintain students function independence and range of movement. The warm water helps students relax and exercise.

Gym/exercise programmes

Students make use of school or community gyms or exercise/playground equipment to complete their tailored exercise programmes.


Positioning in class

Advice and equipment is given so students posture in class during learning, eating and playing is optimised to improve participation and the ability to access the curriculum with respect to their vision, spinal alignment, balance and ability to use their hands to manipulate objects and toys.